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Twitter Get Account Settings

returns settings for user

Twitter Update Account Settings

updates user's settings

Twitter Update Account Deliver Service

sets which device Twitter delivers updates to for user

Twitter Update Profile Background Image

updates user's profile background image

Twitter Update Profile Colors

sets one or more hex values that controls color scheme

Twitter Update Profile Image

updates user's profile image

Twitter Update Profile

sets values that users ar eable to set under Account tab

Twitter Get Rate Limit Sttaus

Returns the current rate limits for methods belonging to the specified resource families

Twitter Block User

blocks the specified user

Twitter Unblock User

un-blocks the specified user

Twitter Block Users

returns array of numeric user ids of blocked users

Twitter Block List

disallows retweets and device notifications from a user

Twitter Get Direct Messages

return 20 most recent direct messages sent to user

Twitter Remove Direct Message

destroys direct messages specified in required ID

Twitter Create Direct Message

sends a new direct message to specified user

Twitter Get Sent Direct Messages

return 20 most recent direct messages sent

Twitter Show Direct Message

returns a single direct message specified by an id

Twitter Get Followers

returns a cursored collection of user IDs following the user

Twitter Follow User

allows users to follow user sepcified by ID

Twitter Unfollow user

allows user to unfollow user psecified by ID

Twitter Get Friend Requests

returns collection of IDs of users with pending follow request

Twitter Get Friend Requests

returns collection of IDs of users with pending follow request from the user

Twitter Get Friends

returns detailed info about relationship between two users

Twitter Unfollow User

Allows one to enable or disable settings for specified user

Twitter Get Friends

returns a cursored collection of user IDs followed by user

Twitter Get Place

Returns all the information about a know place

Twitter Get Places

Create a new place object at the given latitude and logitude

Twitter Get Lat / Log

Given a latitude and a longitude, searches for up to 20 places that can be used as a place_id when updatting a status

Twitter Geo Search

Search for places that can be attached to a statuses/updates

Twitter Get Similar Places

Locates places near the given coordinates which are similar in name

Twitter Help Configuration

Returns the current configuration used by Twitter including slugs which are not usernames

Twitter Help Langues

Returns the list of languages supported by Twitter along with the language code supported by Twitter

Twitter Help Privacy

Returns Twitter's privacy policy

Twitter Help Terms of Services

Returns the Twitter Terms of Service

Twitter Get Members

Returns the members of the specified list

Twitter Add Member

Returns list of members create

Twitter Remove Members

Returns lists of destroy all

Twitter Show Members

Check if the specified user is a member of the specified list

Twitter Create List

Returns list of create

Twitter Destroy List

Returns list of destroy

Twitter List LIst

Return all lists the authenticating or specified user subscribes to, including their own.

Twitter Add Users to List

Returns lists of members create_all

Twitter Remove User From List

Returns the list of memebers destroy

Twitter Get Memberships

Returns the lists of the specified user has been added to

Twitter Show LIsts

Returns list of show

Twitter List Statuses

Returns a timeline of tweets authored by memebers of the specified list

Twitter List Subscribers

Returns the subscribers of the specified list

Twitter Add List Subscribers

Subscribes the authenticated user to the specified list

Twitter Remove List Subscribers

Returns list of subscribers destroy

Twitter Show List Subscribers

Check if the specified user is a subscriber of the specified list

Twitter Show List Subscriptions

Returns list of subscriptions

Twitter Update List

Returns lists of updates

Twitter Create Saved Search

Create a new saved search for the authenticated user

Twitter Destroy Saved Search

Destroy a saved search for the authenticating user

Twitter List Saved Searches

Returns the authenticated user's saved search queries

Twitter Get Saved Search

Retrieve the information for the saved search represented by the given id

Twitter Search Tweets

returns collection of relevant Tweets matching query

Twitter Remove Tweet

Destroys the status specified by the required ID parameter

Twitter Status Timeline

Returns a collection of the most recent Tweets

Twitter Mentions Timelines

Returns the 20 most recent mentions for the authenticating user

Twitter Oembed Statuses

Returns information allowing the creation of an embedded representation

Twitter Show Retweets

Retweens a tweet

Twitter Show Retweet

Retruns a single Tweet

Twitter Update Status

Updates the authenticating user's status

Twitter Show Timelines Status

Returns a collection of the most recent Tweets posted by the User

Twitter Show Available Trends

Returns the availability

Twitter Show Closes Trends

Returns the location that Twitter has trending topic information for

Twitter Show Place Trends

Returns the top 10 trending topics for a specific WOEID

Twitter User Contributees

collection of users specified user can contribute to

Twitter User Contributors

collection of users that can contribute to specified account

Twitter User Lookup

returns fully-hydrated user objects up to 100

Twitter Report User Spam

Returna users report spam

Twitter User Search

simple relevance-based user search

Twitter Show User

returns a variety of info about specified user

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